Thursday, May 25, 2017

It's Graduation Day!

Today is my High School Graduation so I'm sharing with you the final Senior picture post. I still can't believe I'm graduating today! It's so crazy to think that I'm done with High School! I took these senior pictures back in November along with THESE and THESE but wanted to wait to share these until Graduation. This was a super cute look that I wore which included this adorable Lauren James dress. I also wore my SailBows for a couple of shots along with my diy graduation tassel monogrammed mickey ears. I love a classic shift and this blue was the perfect color especially with the pretty Florida blue skies.  

Thanks so much for reading!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Disneyland Paris

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing the some more pictures from my spring break trip to Paris. During my trip to Paris I visited Disneyland Paris for 2 days! I am so excited to have another Disney checked off the list. Now only Hong Kong Disney and Shanghai Disney to go! Disneyland Paris was so magical and had such an adorable pink castle! There are actually 2 parks at Disneyland Paris: The Walt Disney Studios, and Disneyland Paris. My favorite rides there were definitely Thunder Mountain Railroad, Crushes Coaster, RC Racers, and The Ratatouille ride! I was lucky enough to stay at the Disneyland Paris hotel which is an adorable pink hotel that actually has the entrance to the Disneyland Paris park below it. It was so nice to walk out of the hotel right at the turnstiles. Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary and it was so fun to see all the new shows, fireworks, rides, and merchandise they had for it. They even had blue sweet popcorn which was delicious. Disney World really needs to step up their popcorn game because these international parks know where it is at. I seriously love seeing how other cultures embrace and experience Disney and loved my visit to Disneyland Paris!  

Thanks so much for reading!